Landscape architecture may be defined as "the art of composing landform, water, vegetation, buildings, paving and special features to make a good outdoor space".


The relatively mild winters in the Metro Vancouver Area allows enjoyment of your garden in all seasons.  Well-placed water features ranging from a small fountain to pondless waterfalls or ponds can help to reduce the heat in the summer months while adding pleasant sounds and visual delight.


The first step in selecting plants is based on the specific needs identified in the landscape master plan. A plan is important to maximize your landscape investment and meet the needs of climate control, noise reduction, privacy screening, or to satisfy your need for year round enjoyment. During this selection process Kathy will consider factors such as ultimate size, adaptability to local soil conditions, exposure to sun, shade, or wind, hardiness and maintenance requirements.

Brick or Stone

Kathy is often requested to include brick or stone elements in her client's landscape designs. Features could include walls, walkways, drainage courses, patios and borders. Generally low maintenance, brick or stone elements are particularly effective in ensuring that the landscape appears natural and timeless no matter how recent its installation.


With its unique warmth and richness, wooden structures will enhance any garden design. Whether you're adding a deck, a fence, a planter, an arbour or a bench just to name a few, Kathy will design a structure for the right location that will provide functionality in your outdoor space.


There are numerous low voltage lighting systems that can be used to illuminate steps, walkways and landscape features. Outdoor lighting will greatly enhance and accentuate the practical and aesthetic elements of any garden or house.