The owners of this property were unhappy with the boring unsightly flowerbed under their front window. Overgrown plants and rotting landscape ties were removed and replaced with a usable space.

Now the owners enjoy a space with more curb appeal and lower maintenance. Using brick and stone we created a small hidden patio and a low curved wall to give privacy and functionality.


Working together with the home owner we transfromed this back yard from just a lawn to a beautiful private garden retreat.

We removed an unstable arbour and relocated a garden shed. The sod was removed or reshaped and new garden areas were installed.

We were called in to provide a solution for the front boulvard of the Coast Tsawwassen Inn. They had a high maintenance wall fountain that was constantly targeted by vandals.

We designed a long narrow garden bed incorporating tropical elements to complement the palm trees in the street boulevard.

The slope in this backyard made it almost unusable and there was a small concrete patio adjacent to the house.

We excavated the slope, extended the existing patio, relocated a gate and leveled a 12' area to accomodate a new circular brick patio. Adding palm trees and soft lighting, we turned this back yard into a tropical feeling retreat. At night the yard becomes tastefully illuminated giving the homeowners more time to enjoy their garden.

The customer had closed in their carport and needed new access to the front door. We installed a pathway to accentuate the front of the house and provided easier access.