Excite Your Garden!

Affordable solutions for outdoor living; whether you need more curb-appeal or a private paradise. Kathy provides a full range of landscape services including garden design. Her professional experience and expertise have been utilized in both residential and commercial designs. Whether your project is large or small, a renovation or new construction, Kathy will provide you with a fresh perspective and a sustainable design solution to your unique landscaping challenges.


The initial consultation fee includes Kathy meeting with you on-site to review all aspects of renovating or constructing your new garden. She will start by discussing your thoughts and ideas and then she'll walk around your property with you discussing design ideas and possible elements (i.e. location of specific plants, paths, terraces, retaining walls, special garden areas, decks, fences, fountains etc).


Each project is a collaborative process between the client and Kathy. By working together with an open line of communication, you will accomplish the desired goals together and have fun throughout the process.

During this part of the process Kathy will explore prelimiary design ideas. This is the most creative period as Kathy develops the concepts that will guide the project through to completion. At the end of this phase of your project, Kathy will present you with a conceptual master plan showing all the site elements. Additional architectural drawings may be required to fully depict the final design.

The number and types of drawings required and the scope of work are all major factors which influence this stage of the process.



Using the master plan, Kathy and her crew begin with site prep. This includes the removal of sod and inappropriate plants as well as laying out the bedlines. Once this step is completed, the plants and hardscape materials are put in place. As a final step Kathy will perform a final walkthrough with you addressing any final details that may be needed. You are then given the opportunity to set up a custom maintenance package perfectly suited to your specific needs.